If you’re lucky enough to meet someone in your life that can change your perspective, count that as a blessing.  From the outside looking in at our relationship with Z, it would appear we’ve nothing in common, but he has become a dear friend.  We were there last weekend to introduce him to our friend, Audra and have Audra interview him for a book project that is underway.  After meeting us at the border, Z accompanied us to the clinic, Casa Bugambilia; an orphanage in Sandoval, and to visit a family there, as well.   We were hosted and stayed in downtown Matamoros at Z’s house and stayed up as long as our eyes would stay open, to talk, share and learn so much about being light in a dark world. Writer, Audra Outlaw, will blog about our journey together for the book project, and with her being such a beautiful writer, you will want to hear from her about this. Z’s story will be featured in the upcoming book & our hope is that it’s life changing to those that hear it.  To follow, visit http://www.storyofgrace.com