Last Sunday, I spent the day with Alex, a girl from McCallum High walking (and climbing!) through all  the Graffiti at Castle Hill.  We were trying different types of shots and experimenting with light, and met a lot of interesting people.  In trying to describe this place, I struggle b/c there’s so much there.  So much beauty, and ugliness at the same time.  The beauty of Creatives, surrounded by trash & vandalism.

We came upon this guy, below, who comes regularly to paint, and we got to hear a bit from him on his work, and his thoughts about each piece.  We met, talked to and photographed two girls that came there to see the skyline of the city from the top of the walls, and hula hoop. When I noticed the girl with the bright red sunglasses, red tights, cowboy boots, and a brown Tshirt with a coffee mug on it, I thought…. “Austin.”   They were so much fun, and we both enjoyed shooting them.  There was a film being shot while we were there, boys ‘likely’ smoking pot at the back wall, girls hula hooping, youth artists painting, and photographers shooting… The time there felt real and colorful, and gave great opportunity to seek commonality with all types of people that seemingly have nothing in common, but are all curiously at the same place.

Here’s a few shots I liked.  I love our city.  Austin Indeed.

Just as we were about to leave, Alex told me how this was her favorite wall.  I set some settings and placed light just on this wall, and gave her my camera.  She shot this picture below.  A great shot to end the day.  Cropped a bit to hide offensive vandalism…