Yesterday, after cleaning out my car full of crayons, drawings, Star Wars figures and water bottles, I drove over to pick up Audra, then on to pick up our new friend, Wilson. Having met Wilson the night before to hear his story, this was a very quickly planned outing, but a joyful one.  Wilson is from Uganda, Africa. He’s a pastor, musician, and has led a life of incredible loss, but spends his days now filled with joy.

Upon Wilson sitting in my passenger seat, I couldn’t help but wonder if there were items in the car I’d missed in the cleaning sweep that he might think were strange.  The giant pixie stick from the ball park, stuck between the seats because my son hadn’t finished it, or my bright green neon Young Life glasses in the console.  I refrained from explaining myself, and only thought briefly about it, but mainly I was taken with how different our lives must be.

I love people.  I love making new friends, learning about their lives, and Wilson was no different.  I enjoyed sitting on the floor in the Warehouse where we held the interview and photo shoot and asking him questions and going deep into our journey of faith.  I loved his insight, and wasn’t surprised he had new insights that I am so thankful for as I roll them around in my thoughts.  What a complete gift he is to our world.  I love that through him many will look at their lives differently, and consider there’s a God that loves them desperately.   But until then, I look forward to seeing him tomorrow, giving him some prints to take back to Uganda on Monday, and begin a new friendship.