So last week, we enjoyed the LAST game of the season for our son’s baseball team.  Ever notice how they never end the season as they began it?  They always end much more courageous and bold than they started out, even though many of us parents had to drag our exhausted kids to the field saying words like “commitment” and “teamwork”, but after the game, knowing they are finally done, they seem to remember the experience fondly and are feeling a sense of accomplishment that they stuck it out when what they really wanted to do was keep playing Star Wars…. or maybe that’s just my kid.  🙂 The spirit this particular night was great… racing out onto the field, and a pre-game dog pile that every kid should get to do at some point in their sporting career… At the end of the day, who really cares who won when your kid is just six…  but in case you were curious, they did.