As we entered the Experience Africa night with Wilson Bugembe and heard his story, we made our way over to Scott Lambie afterwards.  Scott moved to Africa not too long ago from Austin, and was visiting Austin for various reasons.  We had previously sent his wife, whom I met in Mexico at Pan de Vida Children’s Home in Sandoval, Mexico, a note inquiring about any interest in our book project and being one of the stories.  She had responded positively, but having met each other about a year or more ago briefly just before they moved to Uganda, it slipped off  both of our radars. As we met up with Scott that night, we confirmed his interest and planned our time together.   What started as an interview, photographs and getting to know each other conversation, quickly changed into deep conversations about our faith and a place of deep understanding.  At one point, Scott mentioned the moment you know that nothing will ever be the same.  How one kid saying to him in Africa, “Don’t forget us,” changed everything for him.  All of us have our own moments like that, or at least I hope we all do.   The amazingly beautiful and real moments that change our reality and change our heart forever is definitely something I hope for everyone.   Living life without fear, or a fear that keeps you still, without distraction, trusting what you cannot see, but a God you know, and allowing your world to get wrecked as you know it is a life worth living in my opinion.   After pictures, interview and more pictures, we felt almost like friends, and as we ended our time together, having lunch at Jo’s and listening to live music in SoCo, I now call him friend, and believe we will most definitely see Scott again, and stay in touch.  With the help of Facebook we can stay in touch somewhat, and I can feel the excitement for my own upcoming trip to Africa in January with LHC.  While the call to Africa isn’t for everyone, I think we’re all called to something.  I loved hearing Scott’s story, and hope you’ll follow it too on Story of Grace soon.  Bring on the mosquito nets and inoculations….