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Togs [togz] noun 1.a tog. Slang for Photographer Extraordinaire
able to produce amazing images in digital form.

Hamptonworks Photography Introduces Togs.  Using slang for the word, “Photographer” goes hand in hand with how we want to embrace students and the creative process of capturing beautiful images.  Relax, hang out with us, learn as we go, and make creative images and stories together.

We combine ongoing community with a love of art, photography, and storytelling.   Opportunities for deeper learning through weekend retreat workshops, ability to submit work to be spotlighted on our blog, “Students that Inspire Us,” enter contests, have work reviewed by other photographers around the world, and share their unique perspectives across the globe and their own community.

As I shoot images and tell stories alongside students, we think there’s great beauty in learning to see differently through the eyes of our younger generations, empowering them to find their own voice and style through their own expression.  Our workshops are designed to combine our passion for the art of storytelling, introduce kids to the world of photography, and enable in them to see the world differently and develop a new ability to create and share their hearts and minds.

Togs. Club: First Saturdays  Each month, we offer a photo expedition for high school & university students to explore various types of storytelling through photography. We’ll gathering for instruction, preparation and then we load up and head out on our assignment.  We return for late lunch or cafecito, and editing instruction/sessions.  Then to keep it going, every other Thursday, at Kalú in Barrio Escalante, anytime between 2-6 p.m, you can join us for critique and editing assistance, and really great coffee. 🙂  We’ll stay connected via Whatsapp.

Interested in Joining us? and text 8314-2676 to be added to the Whatsapp Group.

Photography Curriculum Outline

Shooting Basics (understanding benefits of shooting manually, gear check)
Types of Photography (understanding your interests)
Learning to See  (What makes a photo great)
Understanding Light (Natural Light/Flash)
Being the Author of the Shot (Lens/ISO/Aperature/Shutter)
Creating your canvass (backgrounds, angles & points of interest)
Night Shooting
Black & White Shots
Projects/Storytelling (motives in shooting, learn first, shoot second)
Lightroom Editing (editing basics, collages)
Non-Profits & Causes (Pictures with a purpose)

6 mil (for expedition/lunch)

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Help Portrait is a global movement where photographers give back to communities in need.  We invite in other local and international photographers to join us for this one-day global event, inviting in our international students, Togs. Club, and NHS within area International Schools.  It’s maybe the best day of the year.  You can watch last year’s video here: Help-Portrait Costa Rica

email and/or text 8314-2676

Togs. Retreat | Workshop

Night Shooting
Long Exposure
Editorial Style – Beach Town of Location TBD
Editing Sessions

Interested in Joining us? and text 8314-2676 to be added to the Whatsapp Group.