I recently wrote Sister Rosemary a letter, sending photos, dreaming about another visit, thanking her for spending time with us, for how she lives her life and looks so much like Jesus.  She’s a woman that you can’t help but feel changed by when you meet her.  It’s her joy, perseverance, and love of the people she serves that stands out.   St. Monica’s was among the places we visited while in Gulu, and we had met her a day before one night on the deck of our hotel eating pizza.  She had a great impact on me personally and our group as we listened to her and learned all she’s done for the people of Gulu.  She’s been in Uganda during many of the stories you hear from Kony 2012 and played a role in restoration there.  See video below:

Here’s a shot of one of the most beautiful women I’ve had the privilege to meet and become friends with: Sister Rosemary.  She lives a life poured out for others.

Gulu is a more peaceful place now.  Many of the people there remember when it wasn’t, but will tell you that they feel much safer there now.  Thanks to much of the work Sister Rosemary has done there, women and children have a new start and a new hope.

This video does a better job telling the story than I will, but this great work still goes on today and expands much wider now.

CNN Heroes, Sister Rosemary (click link to watch video of Sister Rosemary)

http://youtu.be/c_Ue6REkeTA (click link to watch video of Koney 2012 Part II)

While in Gulu, and just before stopping by St. Monica’s to see Sister Rosemary, we stopped by Invisible Children to encourage them and pray with them.  They’ve always said it wasn’t about them.  It still isn’t.  They have pure hearts trying to bring justice and peace and they love Jesus. Pray for the people working there and around the world.  The cause is still worth fighting for.

There’s a great blog you should check out.  Jim Gash and his family are living in Uganda helping reform some of the judicial practices there, and they have a great blog worth following. I enjoyed meeting them, and appreciated them sharing their experiences with us.

Jim and his family visited Gulu about a week or so after we did, and he wrote a great blog about the impact of the LRA, and St. Monica’s.  Check this family’s blog out while they are in Uganda for 6 months:  http://www.throwingstarfish.com/2012/04/gulu-2012/