She’s as lovely as she appears.  And she’s off to UNT this Fall.  I met her when she was born.  Close with her parents, she came into our lives and I came around often to see her, hear her sing songs, attended birthday parties, and I felt like family…  Then I moved away.  Visits became longer between, but my heart loved her the same.  And now, she’s off to a new life in a new place, ready to share her amazing heart with a new lucky group of people.  Blessed to have some time with her again as a beautiful young lady, dreaming big, as all of us should.  And excited for her and even more for all the great life she has ahead and the heart she takes with her to love others, speak up for others, and be a voice in a community for something bigger than herself.  She’s these things.  She’s brave.  I love you Gabbie.  You are beautiful.  Stay in touch and keep dreaming big, because it can absolutely come true.