I spent a day with my father and my 95 year old Grandfather at our ranch in New Mexico. An amazing day of riding in a truck with my grandfather and him telling me stories of his life way back as a teenager on to now, and how he misses my grandmother, Ruby Faye, more than anything. As I buckle up in this old truck with my 95 year old grandfather driving me around old ranch roads, I am at total peace in the moment at how simple our existence is and how I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I happen to be reading A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller right now at the advice of a good friend and pastor, Kirk Gentzel. It makes me think that my Grandfather has lived a great story. Not a perfect story or one without pain, but a great story of continuing on, really living life, even when you’re just ready to go to Heaven and be with Jesus, and Grandmother. I can relate to wanting to go home, but I have a lot to learn here and I believe I’m in a story God’s writing, just like we all are. I adore my father and my grandfather and this is for our family. A tribute to two of the best men I know outside of my husband, Jim.