When you go into another culture or even when street shooting there are many ways to capture what is in front of you. Being prepared for something interesting to happen requires you digging deep and finding the ability to really see. On a trip to Guatemala I found my canvas, the backdrop first. What you can’t see in this photo is the busyness of the crowds just behind me at market. I found a large bucket and asked permission of the vendor to flip it over and use it as my seat. I sat with them, was still and I waited for something interesting to happen. While it isn’t always the case and spontaneous capture of amazing images happen every day, pay attention to your background and build your photos from back to front. Try finding your background first and waiting. Interact with the people you photograph, say hello, thank them and give them dignity they deserve as you gain permission and maybe even make a new friend. Even if you only do it once in a while put away your zoom lens and force yourself to interact and be in the middle of all of the action getting to know those around you and see the difference in the faces you photograph. Your presence and your closeness create completely different dynamics and you’ll see that in the beautiful people and interactions that you capture.