Each time I take a picture of people I’m close to everything in me wants to share the beautiful part of who they are and how I’m impacted by knowing them.  Andrea & Ryan are very special to me, and in ways I’ll never be able to fully express here.  Andrea possesses a faith of someone you’d expect to be much older, and she walks in that truth more than most folks I know twice her age.   With all that, beauty and incredible joy, it doesn’t surprise me at all that she’s marrying Ryan, who we love very much too.  When they walk in the door of our home, every time, they bless us beyond our expectations just b/c they truly offer up who they really are, each time.  No hiding, no pretending, nothing but an overflowing love for our children, always a current understanding of what God’s teaching them,  beautiful conversations about Kingdom here and now even into wee hours at times, and a graciousness that that I long for more of.  My wish is that every family would have people like this join their lives.