For several years, I’ve enjoyed photographing Austin clients and friends around the world.  I love meeting people, and working together toward a common vision, and have made many wonderful friends.  Now, I capture life, mission and greater experiences that profit youth in Central America and around the world.

My heart has always been for youth, and I love the way they still believe they can change the world.  And I believe they will.  In Summer 2014, our family relocated to Central America, living in the mountains in Costa Rica on the East side.

As I shoot images and tell stories, my prayer is that it will benefit the kids of Costa Rica, kids that have no voice, and empower kids that have something to say through their expression of art.  We teach youth the art of Photography & storytelling. I’ve been blessed to work with amazing organizations and projects around the world in the United States, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Africa, Costa Rica and some of the most desperate locations in Mexico.  Capturing the hope and persevering hearts of many around the world has impacted our own life in many ways, and assisted these organizations in the achievement of their own goals, as well.

We are invested in missions to all the nations, and for any shots, work, prints you would like to purchase, all proceeds now benefit youth in Costa Rica and in Central America.

We’ve enjoyed shooting for organizations like Noonday, Restore International, Juntos Servimos, Teethsavers, Young Life | Vida Joven, Sisters of the Sacred Heart for Jesus,  and Kidnits.  Our shots have been featured in CRAVE, a showcase of women proprietors, Rachel Ray Magazine, August issue 2009, Mom Magazine, Origins Magazine 2015, Cover shot on ‘A Path Appears’, a book about transforming lives by Kristof & WuDunn (Authors of #1 bestseller, Half the Sky), and other locations both online and offline.  Past work includes several Austin businesses including the ladies of Austin Tidbits, Homeslice Pizza, Toy Joy, Taco Xpress, Liz James, Urban Betty, Austin Convention & Visitor’s Bureau, and Fire Tree Studios and many more.

phone: 011-506-8314-2676
email: jeannie@hamptonworks.com

Places you may have seen our work.

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