Are we home yet?

So I know there are no perfect days, but today was fantastically close.  Oddly for a perfect day as today, I started it out way early … and arrived at Butler Park at 7:15 for a shoot for a book releasing at the end of summer…   Great people, great shots, and the sky opens up and drenches us all… I’m shooting with a bag over my camera, completely soaked, and loving it.  Home, greeted by my neighbor inviting me to sit and listen to the rain on her back patio…  She already knows me so well.  Explosions in the Sky on Pandora, spending needed time with a great book, inspired by the One that sustains me…  Isaiah & Hebrews today..  Crazy perspective.  Today, curled up on my couch, coffee, music and I’m reminded of how little I need.  Today, for the first time in a long time, my new home feels like home.  Then a text from our “other” son stating he’s bringing his girlfriend to dinner tonight.  The day ended with two guests that don’t feel like guests, but family, and a lot of smiles, my children feeling loved, loud laughter, dinner, chocolate chip cookies, and races in the cul de sac all before hugs goodbye.  After a long season of huge decision-making & loads of change, I am certain that change is good and today, for now, we are home.  Here’s a shot of Leah and Jordan with our kids after so many foot races I lost track…

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