Thankful for her…

I think a lot.  Sometimes too much, but nonetheless my DNA is to reflect, consider and think and then think some more.  It’s not in a bad way, and usually not in a worrisome way, but sometimes, I know my epiphanies, convictions and passions may be a bit overwhelming.  This is the importance of a friend that “gets” you.  On occasion, I sit at my desk, Pandora playing, and I get to chat with my good friend, Audra…   Oh, Thank God for her.   For a girl to possess such beauty outside and inside I often wonder if God specifically picked her and said, “I just knew you needed this one.”   Listening, on any scale, Audra wins.  She’s this crazy mix of compassion, humor, joy, love, and all the while will always join you in your pain and little by little pull you out with her encouragement and a little thing called grace.  Audra, now pregnant with her third boy, let me photograph her incredible family last weekend.  I left feeling filled up again at how beautiful the everyday of life with children is and how we make each other feel completely loved no matter what completely inappropriate thing our children said or did.  I pray for her to feel as loved as she has made me feel. For her to know how amazingly unique she is and how God has worked incredibly through her in some of my biggest moments in life.  Here’s a shot I liked of her from the shoot.  

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